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County Detective | Senior Procedure Clerk | Correctional Officer (Part-Time)
Prison Warden | Administrative Assistant

Position: County Detective Posted: December 10, 2021 Deadline: January 31, 2022 Print Job Description


Department:   District Attorney’s Office


Position Title:   County Detective


Pay Classification:   P&A Grade 6 (entry $21.14/hr. to scale max $29.83/hr.)


Reports to:   District Attorney


Assigned to: Domestic Relations Section (DRS)


Date of Job Description Creation/Update:   11/22/2021


Description of Position:

The County Detective in this role is employed by the District Attorney’s Office and is assigned full-time to the Domestic Relations Section as part of an intergovernmental MOU/agreement. This role will be referred to as DRS Detective for the remainder of this document. The DRS Detective will be directly supervised by DRS management regarding duties performed within this role; however, DRS will defer any decisions regarding hiring, firing and disciplinary actions to the District Attorney’s Office.


The primary purpose of the DRS Detective is to manage and enforce all bench warrants issued by the DRS/Courts, execute personal service requests on all new filings for support, and to locate obligors ordered to pay support and alleged parents in pending paternity matters.


Position Requirements:

Minimum Education and Experience Required

  • Must have ACT 120 MPOTEC (Municipal Police Officer Training and Education Commission)
  • Act 134 clearance
  • Must attend required law updates and maintain a firearm certification required by MPOTEC
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Administration of Justice, the Social Sciences or related field
  • Ability to obtain JNET certification as required.
  • Must possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License and have a willingness to travel as needed to complete job duties.
  • Must be able to pass mandatory PACSETI New Hire Training as required by the BCSE

Other Essential Requirements

  • High level of understanding of rules/laws as well as the judicial system as it pertains to child support establishment/enforcement
  • Ability to speak calmly and confidently to convey information to attorney and others in person, and on the phone, who may be emotional and/or adversarial
  • High level of organizational and prioritization skills
  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently under legal time constraints
  • Technical knowledge of personal computer operations such as Microsoft Word and the DRS PACSES, PACSES Imaging and other programs
  • High level of communication and interpersonal skills allowing for effective interaction with judges, attorneys, police officers, constables, other County agencies and other DRS employees
  • Ability to comprehend a variety of documents; including case files, medical reports, insurance claims, divorce decree’s, civil complaints, petitions, earnings reports, pay stubs, W-2 statement, tax returns
  • Ability to interview and elicit information from individuals in a non-threatening, calm and authoritative manner.
  • Ability to analyze information for appropriate action and resolution of case specific situations
  • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing
  • Ability to work independently
  • Must have proven record of people skills and decision making and skills in negotiation and mediation
  • Must possess ability to use and interpret support law and strength in ability to perform basic mathematical calculations
  • Must possess ability to work with clients having sometimes limited life skills and education
  • Must have an understanding of the criminal justice system and familiarity with local law enforcement





Position Duties:


          The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive and employees possessing the skills within this class may be assigned to complete any task within the class. Other duties may be required based on the functional requirements of the PACSES system.


  • Act as the DRS’s primary source for the aggressive enforcement of all DRS bench warrants to include affecting arrests and transportation to the county jail/court/DRS
  • Act as DRS’s primary source for the timely execution of all DRS related personal service requests
  • Maintains an accurate and up-to-date record of all DRS cases in which a bench warrant is outstanding
  • Sends out a letter to each defendant subject to a new bench warrant advising him/her of said warrant and what steps they may take to have warrant vacated
  • Takes all phone calls from defendants who find themselves subject to a bench warrant, advising those who must report or be placed in the Mercer County Jail (Judge's warrants from Court) and setting a time to come to the DRS so that a conference can be conducted for those subject to a DRS warrant for non-appearance at a conference or direct defendants to appropriate staff to accept purge payments if the warrant is related to a contempt hearing
  • When a Defendant who is the subject of a bench warrant is arrested on the warrant and transported to jail, or comes in as directed, or simply appears at the DRS, the defendant is interviewed in order to obtain information necessary to satisfy the pending support action. This duty includes: review of the plaintiff's most recent income information, review income information and employment status of the defendant. If the defendant is unemployed, determines if facts warrant placement into the DRS Work Search Program.
  • Takes all calls from any plaintiff in a case where the defendant has a bench warrant, making a NOTE in PACSES, answering all questions or following up on information provided by calling prospective employer or any other necessary investigative work
  • Takes all calls from local law enforcement departments, dispatch, E911, and jails when a defendant subject to a bench warrant is arrested. Confirms warrants on behalf of the DRS and coordinates transportation to the Mercer County Jail or makes arrangements with defendant for appearance at the DRS.
  • Works with Director and Assistant Director on any special projects involving multiple arrests or “sweeps” and coordinates activities with the Mercer County Sheriff's Department or local law enforcement and the Court
  • Provides Director with a monthly report of active warrants; those added; those vacated; and any defendant remaining in the Mercer County Jail
  • Tracks the work of the Mercer County Sheriff's Department in their work in either picking up defendants wanted on a bench warrant or facilitating their appearance in the DRS and provides a monthly report to the Director reporting the names of each client so that the Director can notify the Sheriff's Department confirming the names and then requisition for payment for each assist per the contract.
  • Tracks the work of the DRS contracted Constables in their work executing DRS bench warrants and completion of personal service requests and provides a monthly report along with related invoices of these activities to the Director
  • Diligently assist with locating obligors and alleged parents to include use of CLEAR, JNET and the investigation of leads provided by these sources as well as information provided by parties in a case or other DRS staff
  • Interviews parties in a case concerning income and extraordinary expenses, reviewing data including payroll, pay stubs, W-2 statements, tax returns and various other income documents. Calculates monthly incomes of each party for application on the established Supreme Court Guidelines.
  • Gathers all other pertinent information for determination of support obligations including medical care and coverage, child care expenses, other families and mortgage information (if applicable)
  • Serves as back-up genetic testing provider in the absence of the Paternity Supervisor; meeting with parties; conducting the buccal swab testing and processing the results. In instances when an alleged parent is incarcerated at the Mercer County Jail, will go to the jail and conduct the testing
  • Maintains and submits any tracking/monitoring reports needed to measure performance or for statistical record management
  • Attends meetings, training and/or seminars as required
  • Reviews all updates in law and change in the Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Accompanies and assists the Enforcement Specialist assigned to the Work Search Program in activities at the Career Link on Thursday mornings when needed.
  • Works monthly Data Integrity and Federal Case Closure reports published the first week of each month
  • Conduct self in a manner that respects staff, stakeholders and individuals receiving service
  • Works cooperatively with other staff, as a team member, helping to promote a positive atmosphere



Please send a letter of interest, salary history, resume, and completed standard County of Mercer Application for employment to:


                                    Mercer County Human Resources

                                    17 Courthouse

                                    Mercer, PA 16137


Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2022

Must be postmarked by Deadline date


Position: Senior Procedure Clerk Posted: January 7, 2022 Deadline: January 22, 2022 Print Job Description


Department:  Domestic Relations Office


Position Title: Senior Procedure Clerk


Pay Classification:  TCN Grade 5 (Starting Rate $16.29/hr.)


Reports to: Court/Conference/Intake Supervisor


Date of Job Description Creation/Update:  1/7/2022 




Description of Position:


This classification of DRS employees encompasses those positions which are involved in general office work including data entry in the computers; docketing and filing of original papers and Court Orders; reception work; greeting clients and providing them with information regarding the DRS; opening/processing daily mail which includes scanning all incoming correspondence, i.e. letters, earnings reports, etc.; sorting and distributing overnight batch from PACSES; handling the rescheduling of all Conferences and Hearings as requested by clients or attorneys; and preparation of files for Non-Support Court.


Position Requirements:


The following duties may be assigned within this class of employee.  These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive and employees possessing the skills within this class may be assigned to complete any task within the class.  Other duties may be required based on the functional requirements of the PACSES system.


  • Certifies copies of Orders after they are returned from the Courts signed and dated and scans said orders into PACSES..
  • Distributes Orders to proper enforcement officer and files original in paper docket file.
  • Pulls docket files for Non-Support Court and prepares case files for Judges.
  • Types and distributes subpoenas to clients and/or attorneys as requested.
  • Date stamps and logs in all documents requiring docketing ....more than 20,000 per year.
  • Completes month end reports.
  • Prints schedules for Conferences and Hearings and distributes to all DRS staff needing copies.
  • Handles all calls regarding requests for canceling or rescheduling Conferences or Hearings and makes decisions regarding requests.  If a Conference or Hearing is rescheduled, sends out Orders after generated via PACSES.
  • Makes daily Courthouse run at 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. to deliver Orders and correspondences and pick-up same.
  • Answers all incoming calls as switched from the County Automated Voice Response System at the request of clients making the call or calls directly into the DRS.  This requires a thorough knowledge of DRS operation and law and an ability to field questions and deal with clients needing varying degrees of assistance.
  • Uses PACSES to find information needed.
  • Talks with clients as the initial point of contact with the DRS, making appropriate referral to DRS staff.
  • Keeps abreast of changes in DRS law.
  • Scans all incoming mail into the PACSES system.
  • Maintains case files once prepared for Court and Conference.


Minimum Education and/or Experience Required:


High school Diploma. 


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:


  • Must possess people skills and decision making ability.
  • Must possess technical knowledge of operating personal computer, spread sheets, windows, and data entry.
  • Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills     allowing effective interaction with clients, attorneys and the DRS personnel both in person and on the phone.
  • Must possess ability to use and interpret support law.
  • Must possess ability to work effectively with potentially emotional individuals in a stressful and sometimes adversarial environment.
  • Must possess ability to work with clients with varying levels of education and life skills.
  • Must possess ability to express ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision taking only unusual issues to a supervisor.
  • Must be able to lift 20 lbs. routinely and more occasionally.



Please send a letter of interest, salary history, resume, and completed standard County of Mercer Application for employment to:


                                    Mercer County Human Resources

                                    17 Courthouse

                                    Mercer, PA 16137



Deadline to Apply: January 22, 2022


Must be postmarked by Deadline date

Position: Correctional Officer (Part-Time) Posted: January 11, 2022 Deadline: January 31, 2022 Print Job Description


Department:   Mercer County Jail


Position Title: Correctional Officer (Part-Time)


Pay Classification:  JCO 00-00 ($16.09/hr. Entry Wage - $24.48/hr.)


Reports To:  Warden and Deputy Warden(s)


Date of Job Description Creation/Update: 1/11/2022





General Overview:

Correctional Officers will perform the direct supervision of inmates at the County Detention Facility according to laws, regulations, and policies of the State of Pennsylvania and Mercer County.  Officers will enforce the facility rules and maintain facility security.  Officers are responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates at the facility.



Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Directly supervises inmates in the facility during all aspects of their incarceration such as housing, visitation, meals, medication distribution, searches, activities, work programs.
  • Enforce the rules and regulations of the facility
  • Must be able to act quickly, assess situations carefully, act in accordance with policy and procedure, and protect self and others (inmates and co-workers)
  • Conducts periodic cell pod checks, performs searches of inmates, performs searches of cells and other areas for contraband
  • Maintains discipline among inmates
  • Responds appropriately to emergencies in the prison (which may include assaults, fires, riots, disturbances, natural disasters, medical emergencies and hostage situations)
  • Maintains and updates Facility records (written, typing and basic computer skill required)
  • Receives and books inmates (perform fingerprinting, photographs and searches)


Physical/ Age Requirements:


  • Must be trained on and be able to perform weaponless self-defense and restraining techniques
  • Must be trained on and be able to perform the operation and use of restraining devices
  • Must be trained in and be able to perform initial first aid services to inmates as needed
  • Regularly walk, stand or stoop; occasionally lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects weighing up to and over 100lbs.
  • Use tools and equipment requiring a high degree of security
  • Walk, stand, crouch or run on narrow, slippery inclining or erratically moving surfaces
  • Stair climbing required (all cell pods are 2 levels)
  • Sit and stand for sustained periods of time
  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must pass a physical, drug and psychological evaluation post employment offer
  • Must pass a criminal background check post offer of employment.
  • Position requires up to 30 hours of work per week on an average annual basis.


Other Requirements:


  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in criminal justice, social service or related field
  • Ability to perform multiple activities and quickly identify inappropriate inmate conduct
  • Ability to perform basic math
  • Ability to communicate via radios
  • Ability to work the rotating shifts (including weekends and holidays) as require by a 24/7 operating facility
  • Ability to train for 4 weeks or more at the Academy at the Department of Corrections.
  • Ability to work mandatory overtime
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License
  • All other duties as assigned



How to apply:


All interested applicants must print and complete the Standard County of Mercer Application for employment.


Please send the completed standard application, a letter of interest, salary history, resume, and three references to the following:


                                    Mercer County 

                                    HR Department

                                    17 Courthouse

                                    Mercer, PA 16137


Deadline to Apply:  January 31, 2022


Must be postmarked by Deadline date


Position: Prison Warden Posted: January 18, 2022 Deadline: February 5, 2022 Print Job Description


Department:   Mercer County Prison


Position Title: Warden


Pay Classification:   P&A 10 ($63,408 Entry- $89,912 /yr. max)


Reports To:    Mercer County Prison Board


Date of Job Description Creation/Update: 1/2/2022



Overall Descriptions of the Position: 


The Warden shall plan, organize, develop and direct the overall operation of the Mercer County Prison in accordance with all federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations governing the County of Mercer and as may be directed by the Mercer County Prison Board. 


Work involves management of all administrative operations including financial management, jail records, personnel administration, building maintenance and supervision of inmates.  In addition, the Warden shall work cooperatively with all elements of the criminal justice system.  The Warden exercises considerable independent judgment and initiative within the policies established by the Mercer County Prison Board.


Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Behavioral Sciences, or closely related field; supplemented by (5) years previous management level experience and/or training that includes progressively responsible levels of experience in a direct-supervision correctional facility or similar institution ; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities for this job. Master’s Degree a plus.
  • Must possess and maintain valid CPR, AED and First Aid Certifications
  • Must possess thorough knowledge of the legal standards and regulations governing the security and operation of a correctional facility.
  • Ability to assign and review the work of subordinate supervisory, technical and clerical staff.
  • Ability to react quickly and calmly in an emergency.
  • Knowledge of contemporary office practices and procedures and all basic/general office software products.
  • Must be an effective and precise communicator in both oral and written form.


Position Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Financial  Administration and Management
    • Direct and Controls development and subsequent administration of the budget.
    • Negotiates and administers service agreements and contracts for the operation of the facility and its programs.
    • Prepares for and organizes the Monthly Prison Board Meetings.


  • Prison Records Management
    • Insures development, maintenance and reporting of inmate care, employment, rehabilitation programs, financial and other statistical and evaluative records.


  • Personnel Administration and Management:
    • Oversees and directs all elements of personnel functions in accordance with County policies and applicable negotiated collective bargaining agreements.
    • Plans and coordinates in-service and on-the-job training for Prison staff.
    • Analyzes staffing requirements and makes recommendations to the Prison Board in regards to hiring, discharging and disciplinary actions. 
    • Oversee effective scheduling and staffing of a 24/7 facility.


  • Facility Management and Maintenance:
    • Regularly inspects departments and operations to ensure compliance with all standards of security, contraband control, and sanitation.
    • Develops, reviews, updates and implements policies and procedures for he facility which include POST orders, facility schedules, maintenance schedules.
    • Oversees the inspections of building doors, fire/safety equipment, locks, alarms and other security devices to ensure security of internal and external perimeters.


  • Supervision of Inmates:
    • Ensures proper supervision of Inmates by staff
    • Identifies, recommends and helps develop treatment and rehabilitation services within the prison that enables inmates to learn skills and behavior needed to successfully lead more productive and lawful lives in the community.
    • Initiates and oversees investigations as needed.


  • Special Projects as assigned


  • All other duties as assigned


Physical Demands/Requirement:


  • Frequently stand, walk and sit.
  • Frequently climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl
  • Frequently lift/carry/move up to 50lbs, Occasionally lift/carry/move 50lbs to more than 100lbs
  • Must be able to physically respond to an emergency situation.
  • Must possess the physical ability to secure an inmate and to physically disrupt fights between inmates/intervene in a combative situation.



**This document in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.  **



Please send a letter of interest, salary history, resume, completed standard County of Mercer Application for employment, and three references to the following:

                                    Mercer County

                                    HR Dept.

                                    17 Courthouse

                                    Mercer, PA  16137


Deadline to Apply:  February 5, 2022


Position: Administrative Assistant Posted: January 21, 2022 Deadline: February 7, 2022 Print Job Description

Department:  Veteran’s Affairs


Position Title:  Full Time Administrative Assistant


Pay Classification:  TCC 04 (Entry $16.18/hr.)


Reports To:  Director and Assistant Director of Veteran’s Affairs


Date of Job Description Creation/Update:  12/10/2021



Overall Descriptions of the Position: 


Assist the Director and Assistant Director of Veteran’s Affairs in the provision of quality advocacy for all Mercer County Pennsylvania Veterans; members of the U.S. Armed Forces, their spouse, dependent(s) and/or survivor(s) through benefits, programs, claims, and outreach services.  This position is engaged in obtaining, compiling, and presenting information pertaining to claims for benefits allowable to veterans and their dependents.  This position assists veterans and their spouse or dependent(s) by first assessing their needs, and then taking appropriate action to file all available benefits on their behalf.  Responsibilities include assisting and coordinating with other Veterans Service Officers (VSOs).  This position may require outreach with veterans through traditional public relations, community involvement, and by initiation and implementation of activities that encourage them to access their rightfully earned entitlements and benefits. 


Position Requirements:


  • Veteran’s preference status is required.
  • Excellent Organizational and Communicative Skills
  • Computer Literate
    • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite including Word and Excel
    • Working knowledge of the Internet
    • Working knowledge of Email
    • Working knowledge of word processing (typing)
  • Customer Service Skills and Experience
  • Ability to learn and understand various Veteran Services
  • Post Hire Requirement – Complete Training/Accreditation as a Veteran Service Officer; through PA Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs
  • Advanced Background Check/Clearances are required post job offer.


Position Duties:


  • Assist in supporting Veterans according to Federal, State and County codes
  • Work directly with Veterans in order to advise and assist as required
  • Conducts telephone and written communication with various government and non-government agencies
  • Prepares and submits claims for government benefits for individual veterans, spouse, dependent(s) and/or survivor(s)
  • Participates in training as required
  • All other duties as assigned



How To Apply:


All interested applicants must print and complete the Standard County of Mercer Application for employment.


Please send the completed standard application, a letter of interest, salary history, resume, and three references to the following:


                                    Mercer County 

                                    HR Department

                                    17 Courthouse

                                    Mercer, PA 16137


Deadline to Apply: February 7, 2021