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March 19, 2020


County declares emergency in response to Covid-19 outbreak; residents asked to limit in-person visits


Mercer County Commissioners on Thursday declared an emergency, effective immediately, in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.


In conjunction with the emergency declaration, commissioners are asking the public to voluntarily stay away from the courthouse unless they have essential business that can only be taken care of in person. Any business that can be conducted by phone, e-mail or computer should be conducted in that manner. Residents are advised to call ahead to the individual office where they expect to appear to ensure accessibility. This action is being taken for both the welfare of the residents and county employees.


The courts will still be operating and taking care of cases. Essential cases will be held in person while non-essential hearings will be held via electronic technology or other means.


The state of emergency shall continue until terminated by one of the following actions:


  • Revocation by the current or a succeeding Board of Commissioners;
  • Termination of the Federal Declaration of National Emergency; or
  • Termination of the Commonwealth Declaration of Emergency.


The emergency declaration allows a majority of the board to take action on any matter required, or reasonably believed to be required, to deal with the affects or reasonably anticipated effects of pending events.


Commissioners emphasized that transparency of any actions would be critical and that all actions must be ratified at a public meeting as soon as reasonably prudent after the action or authorization.


For more information, call 724-662-3800 or visit

Note: Several county elected officials have put together their own statements that provide more specific information and those are attached and will be posted on the county’s web site.





Mercer County Court facilities shall be closed to the public as to non-essential functions through at least April 3, 2020.  Essential functions per the Supreme Court Order include:


a.         Emergency bail review and habeas corpus hearings;

b.         Gagnon 1 hearings;

c.          Bench warrant hearings pursuant to Rule of Criminal Procedure 150;

d.         Juvenile delinquency detention;

e.         Juvenile emergency shelter and detention hearings;

f.          Temporary protection from abuse hearings;

g.         Emergency petitions for child custody or pursuant to any provision of the Juvenile Act;

h.         Emergency Petitions for guardianship;

i.          Civil mental health reviews, see 50 P.S. §7302;

j.          Emergency equity civil matters (injunctions and stays);

k.         Any pleading or motion relating to public health concerns and involving immediate and irreparable harms;

l.          Any other function deemed by a President Judge to be essential consistent with constitutional requirements as follows:


A.  Criminal Courts

i.          Sentencing for defendants currently incarcerated, giving priority to defendants with health issues;

ii.         Guilty pleas, conferences, and related activities to criminal cases that are complicated in nature or may be compromised by the passage of time;

iii.        Gagnon 2 hearings;

iv.        Bench warrants and search warrants.


Any of these matters shall be conducted by advanced communication technology to the greatest extent possible subject only to constitutional limitations. 


B.  Family Law Courts and DRS


i.          Conferences and hearings for support, custody, equitable distribution, and divorce scheduled at the DRS offices will continue.  However, they shall be conducted by advanced technology ONLY.  If such conference or hearing cannot adequately be addressed by advanced communication and technology that matter shall be postponed and rescheduled. 

ii.         Non-support contempt hearings.

iii.        Final protection from abuse hearings and protection from abuse contempt hearings.


C.         Miscellaneous


  • Involuntary civil commitment hearings or reviews will continue as scheduled at the health care facility hearing site and/or public defender’s office as the case may be, again using advanced communication technology to the greatest extent possible. 



CLERK OF COURTS – 724-662-7548


Any criminal filings needed to be filed may be mailed to the Clerk of Courts, 112 Courthouse, Mercer, PA 16137 or faxed to 724-662-1604. 


For anyone needing to make payments on fines, costs or restitution, you may mail your payment to the Clerk of Courts, 112 Courthouse, Mercer, PA 16137.  If you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, we will mail you a receipt.  We also have available a website for online case payments at:  Click on ePay under the eCommerce menu and follow the prompts.  Should you have further questions, you can contact the Cost Collections Department at 724-662-3800, extensions 2410, 2419 or 2426.   





Primary public interaction would include registering to vote, updating a voter registration and applying for an absentee/mail-in ballot. All voter registration and absentee/mail-in applications can be conducted online or by mail. While the office is open, we are following courthouse guidelines and also strongly encouraging voters to conduct their business electronically at or by mail. If voters cannot access applications, we would be happy to mail them the correct form if they call our office.


Contact info:

Director of Elections Jeff Greenburg




PROTHONOTARY – 724-662-7561


Many filings can be mailed into the office.   Forms for Divorces and Custody filings are available on the County website ( )for free.  We will be happy to answer any questions concerning these forms and the fees to file them.


Passports – 724-662-7561

We will be temporarily suspending taking passport applications through April 3, 2020.   There are several other locations in the county where you can apply.   The official website for passport information is 


PFA (Protection from Abuse) – 724-662-7561

As always, we will be open for filing of Protection From Abuse cases.  Only the party requesting the PFA need appear for the temporary hearing.   There is no need to bring extra people with you for the initial filing.   They can appear with you for your full hearing when scheduled.



RECORDER – 724-662-7573

Effective Thursday, March 26, 2020, the Recorder’s Office will be operating on limited public access through April 3, 2020 at which time this policy will be reevaluated. The health and safety of our employees and the public we serve, is paramount.  Please know that the Recorder of Deeds will continue to monitor the current situation pertaining to this crisis very carefully and responsibly.


How does this affect land recordings?

Document recordings are to be submitted via U.S. Mail, Fed Ex and UPS packages. Subdivisions/Land Development Plans along with proper recording fees (check/cash) may be mailed in or left at the security checkpoint inside of the courthouse south entrance. We strongly recommend mailing or dropping off plans in a proper mailing tube to prevent damage.  If you are planning to leave a subdivision/land development plan at the security checkpoint, please call ahead. (724-662-3800 ext. 2276) We are currently in the process of setting up E-recording and will be accepting electronic filings upon completion of installation.  Please continue to check our website for information/availability of E-recording.  If you have a specific need regarding recording, please contact our office.  Our contact information is listed below. 


Can I still perform searches of documents?

Yes. Nearly all records are searchable on our website,  Choose Elected Offices-Recorder’s Office-Index Search where indexes and documents can be viewed/copied. Should you require assistance, please contact our office.


What if I am a notary and need to record my commission?

Any notary public who needs to record their commission should call our office at 724-662-3800 ext. 2276, to set up an appointment.  Should Mercer County Courthouse close entirely, all notary deadlines will be extended by operation of law to the next business day for Recorder’s offices that are closed by order of the Governor, Secretary of Health, and/or county officials.  Long-term closures will mean long-term extensions of time.

I’m a Veteran. Can I still record my DD214?  Get a copy of my DD214? Obtain my Operation Veteran Appreciation ID card?

Any Veteran who needs to record/obtain a copy of their discharge records or would like to receive their Operation Veteran Appreciation ID discount card should call the Mercer County Veteran’s Office to set up an appointment.  724-662-7511



Dee Dee Zickar, Mercer County Recorder of Deeds


Phone: 724-662-3800 ext. 2274

Dottie Pepe, Mercer County Recorder 1st Deputy


Phone: 724-662-3800 ext. 2276




Any filings that need to be filed can be mailed to the Register of Wills, 112 Courthouse, Mercer, PA 16137.  If you have any questions, please call 724-662-3800, Extensions 2246 or 2253.


Marriage Licenses -724-662-3800 ext. 2244

At this time, we are temporarily not taking any marriage license applications.  If you are in need of a certified copy of a marriage license, please mail the request to the Clerk of Orphans’ Court, 112 Courthouse, Mercer, PA 16137.  The cost is $6.00 cash or money order only.  Please include a note stating the name of both applicants and date of the marriage.



SHERIFF’S OFFICE – 724-662-6135

Effective 04/01/2020

To do our part to ensure that we maintain safety for our customers and staff, the Mercer County

Sheriff’s Office will be accepting applications for a License to Carry Firearms by Mail. 


Here are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Fill out the application in its entirety, applications are available @
  2. Make a photo copy of your driver’s license(If there are changes to your driver’s license, such as address or name, make a photo copy of your update card). If you are submitting a renewal application, make a photo copy of your License to Carry Firearms
  3. Issue a Check or Money Order in the amount of $20.00 to the Mercer County Sheriff

Mail completed application, required photo copies, and check or money order to:


Mercer County Sheriff’s Office

205 S Erie St

Mercer, PA 16137


Attn: Firearms Division


Once your application has been received, and initially processed, you will be called and given a date and time to appear at the Sheriff’s Office to complete your application process for a License to Carry Firearms.


Also be advised that there is no provision in the law providing for a “Grace Period” with respect to extending expired License to Carry Firearms.  Renewal applications will be expedited. 



SOIL CONSERVATION - 724-662-2242

Conservation District Office is operating for essential business only with limited access by appointment only: 


Erosion and Sedimentation Program:

All NPDES Permits for Construction Activities (PAG-02 and Individual), ESCGP-3 and Erosion and Sedimentation Permits submissions can be made by mail.  Any requests for assistance can be made by phone or e-mail. 


Waterways and Wetlands Program:

All Water Obstruction and Encroachment General Permit submissions can be made by mail or using the Chapter 105 e-Permitting through the PA Department of Environmental Protection website.  Any requests for assistance can be made by phone or e-mail. 


Nutrient Management Program:

All Nutrient Management Plan submissions for review can be made by mail.  Any requests for assistance can be made by phone or e-mail. 


All Right to Know Request will be handled as part of essential operations with guidance from the Office of Open Records. Additionally, in most cases, inspecting records will not be possible during the emergency; if a request is necessary, please seek copies of records (preferably electronic).


For more information please refer to the RTKL and the Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Annual Tree Seedling Sale:

Please submit Seedling Sale Order forms by mail to the office.

All Submissions made by mail should be sent to:


Mercer County Conservation District

24 Avalon Court, Suite 300

Mercer PA 16137




Any other questions or inquiries, please call 724-662-2242 during normal business hours.

Hours of Operation 8:00 am to 4:00 pm



TAX ASSESSMENT – 724-662-7551

Any requests for property cards may be made by phone, fax or by emailing  Please include the Map Number you are requesting along with your name, address and phone number.    During this time there will be no charge for the emailing of property cards.  


Requests for copies of maps may be made by phone, fax or email and will be mailed along with a copy of the Invoice. The cost for a 24x18 Map is $3.00.   The cost for a 24x36 Map is $5.00.   

Assessment Appeal Forms may be filed by mail and must be received on or before September 1st.   Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like a filed copy and receipt returned to you.


Municipalities/Tax Collectors may continue to mail or email monthly reports for processing.

The Tax Assessment Office will continue to process ownership changes and update our records accordingly.


Any other questions or inquiries, please call 724-662-7551 during normal business hours.



TAX CLAIM - 724-662-7550


Delinquent Tax Payments may be made by mail with a personal check, certified bank check, or money order.   PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.    You may also pay by credit card by going to   You will need your WEB ID number to process your payment.   Your WEB ID number would appear on correspondence you have received from the Mercer County Tax Claim Bureau.


Tax Lien Certificates may also be requested by mail.     The cost is $5.00 per Map Number.   These requests will be processed and mailed the date they are received.   To expedite getting the information to you, please advise should you wish for us to email or fax a copy of the completed Tax Lien Certificate to you.   No Tax Lien Certificate will be processed until payment is received.      Please call 724-662-3800 Extensions 2228, 2229, 2232, or 2233 for a verbal quote of the delinquent amounts.

Any requests for Private, Judicial and Repository Sales may be submitted by mail.



TREASURER – 724-662-4440 or 724-662-7508


If you have an issue that requires face to face contact, please call the office for an appointment.  Appointments will only be made for essential or emergency business matters. 


Dog Licenses - 724-662-4440 or 724-662-7508

Applications and payment can be mailed to our office at 104 Courthouse, Mercer PA 16137. Dog Licenses can also be purchased at: Once the license application/payment has been received in the mail or online, we will mail the license to you. If you need a blank application to mail to us, call the office and one will be sent to you for completion.


Hunting and Fishing Licenses - 724-662-4440 or 724-662-7508

Hunting and Fishing Licenses can be purchased on “The Outdoor Shop” at: These will be processed through the Game Commission and Fish Commission and mailed to your address.


Boat Registrations - 724-662-4440 or 724-662-7508

The Mercer County Treasurer’s Office will not be suspending boat registrations, but we strongly encourage you to use the information on the following site to mail your boat registration directly to the Boat Commission.


Small Games of Chance/Bingo - 724-662-4440 or 724-662-7508

All Small Games of Chance and Bingo applications should be sent through the mail with payment. The application will be processed and mailed to your desired address. If you need blank applications please visit to print the application or call the office and one can be mailed to you.

*Please remember to have the signature page of the application notarized to prevent delay of license processing.






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