Recycling and Solid Waste Department






The Mercer County Recycling/Solid Waste Department’s mission is to develop and implement the  Mercer County Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSW) Plan.



The Mercer County Recycling/Solid Waste Department will work towards its mission by:

  • Providing convenient recycling opportunities,
  • Providing recycling and collection opportunities for hard-to-dispose materials such as tires, electronics, and household hazardous waste,
  • Providing technical assistance to businesses, institutions, organizations, and municipalities,
  • Partnerships with like-minded organizations and agencies,
  • Conducting public education programs to raise awareness about proper waste management and its benefits, and
  • Assisting municipalities and businesses in meeting regulatory compliance with local, state, and federal recycling and waste management laws.

News and Events

Special Drop-Off for Select Materials

2nd Tuesday of Each Month
9 AM - 1 PM

The Lawrence-Mercer Recycling/Solid Waste Department has hosted a special on-going dropĀ­ off station for select hard-to-recycle items in the lower level of the Lawrence County Courthouse for several years. Effective February 2019 the program will transition to a one day per month program with different collection points in Mercer and Lawrence counties. This will make the program accessible to as many people as possible.

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Monthly Drop-Off Station Flier

Big Blue Bin Recycling Program To See Changes

Released December 6, 2018

As expected, the Big Blue Bin (BBB) recycling program in Mercer and Lawrence counties will see some major changes moving into 2019. As a result of a significant cost increase to maintain the program a decision was made to reduce the number of bins from 78 to 39.

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Monthly Drop-Off Station Flier