PROJECT:    Courtrooms #1 & #2                                         REPORT NO.  9
                          Mercer County Courthouse
                          Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE   August 21, 2000   TIME   11:15 am

PRESENT AT MEETING    Lou DeJulia - Mercer County Maintenance
                                                 Robert A Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Bob met with Lou to review progress of construction. The finish plaster is being installed on Courtroom #1' s ceiling beams. The lights are complete in Courtroom #2. Everything is proceeding on schedule as previously reported. They are working this weekend to ensure the schedule is adhered to.
  • All work including cleaning will be done by Labor Day.
  • Bob met with Rick Boggs and Commissioner Brian Shipley to verify contracts being signed this Thursday at the Commissioners' meeting.

PROJECT:     Courtrooms #1 & #2                                         REPORT NO.  10
Mercer County Courthouse
                          Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE    August 25, 2000    TIME  4:00 pm

PRESENT AT MEETING    Denny Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                                 Robert A. Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Bob met with Denny to go over completion of work and schedule for this weekend.
  • The plasterers finished installing the decorative plaster molding on the new beam in Courtroom # 1, and the steel is being completed also. The painters were going to finish painting the beam Saturday morning, and Wallace Builders will begin dismantling the scaffolding and removing the visqueen immediately thereafter.
  • In Courtroom #2, the plasterers were just starting to install the decorative molding and would be completed later that evening.
  • Denny was going to work with the men throughout the weekend to ensure the completion of their work.
    The cleaning crew was completing the Judges' chambers and will begin in the courtrooms Monday. Everything is on schedule as planned.

PROJECT:     Courtrooms #1 & #2                                         REPORT NO.  11
                          Mercer County Courthouse
                          Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE   September 1, 2000   TIME   11:30 am

PRESENT AT MEETING  Denny Salmon - Wallace Builders


  • Everything has been completed regarding the Courtrooms repair work.
  • The substantial completion date will be September 1,2000. Everything went according to plan, on-schedule, and on-budget. Even the exterior plaster repair on the west portico is done.
  • 4M has completed the final paperwork and has submitted it to Wallace Builders to sign and notarize. They will include these release forms with their one and only Application for Payment to 4M for approval. 4M will submit them to Lou next week after they are certified.
  • Wallace Builders and the entire team did an outstanding job, and they are to be congratulated. Actual work was started on Monday evening, July 31st and was completed on Thursday evening, August 31st. 
  • The cooperative team approach with Wallace Builders, the subcontractors, and Lou DeJulia were the reasons for this success.

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