PROJECT:   North & West Portico Restoration                               PRE JOB MEETING
                        Mercer County Courthouse
                        Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE  April 16, 1999      TIME  9:30 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING     Don Klosky - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                  John Thiry - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                  Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                                  Dennis Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                                  Lou DeJulia - Mercer County
                                                  Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Electric conduit for lampposts to be concealed. Run under new slab and conceal in grout joint.
  • Ask Lou about building permits. Do we submit to Harrisburg? Lou will handle them with Mercer.
  • How do we judge extent of slab demolition and removal? All or partial, etc.
  • Structural framing plan to be utilized for new framing at North portico.
  • Entire portico to metal cap at roof parapet is scope of work.  Includes glazing, painting and removing screens. 
  • Can we omit screens due to future central HVAC.  Ok'd with Lou - 4/20/99.
  • Polish stone caps for pigeon control devices for interior column capitals.



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