PROJECT:     North & West Portico Restoration                                REPORT NO.  1

DATE   June 6, 1999  TIME   10:00 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING      Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                                   Dennis Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                                   Lou DeJulia - Mercer County
                                                   Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Wallace Builders produced submittals from Keystone Waterproofing for masonry restoration products. The Architect approved the samples.
  • Wallace Builders provided the quarry tile sample from Summitville Tile as submitted by Youngstown Tile and Terrazzo for approval. Approval was given by the Architect
  • Sonneborn flextight waterproofing membrane was approved for the tile underlayment.
    Lou DeJulia is going to check with the Commissioners to see if it would be possible to proceed With both porticos simultaneously in order to expedite the job. He will notify Wallace Builders so they can notify the scaffolding people who are coming on June 8, 1999 to start erection of the West portico scaffolding.

  • Wallace Builders were instructed to notify Federal Iron Works to begin shop drawings of the historic railings for replacement. Wallace Builders agreed to repair the copper downspouts and scupper at no charge to the county.

  • Paint for windows is to be PPG oil base high gloss. Color to be #521-2 Paraffin. Contractor to do color sample after the stone has been cleaned and verify with Architect prior to painting.

  • The foregoing represents our understanding of matters discussed and conclusions reached. Participants are requested to review these minutes and advise in writing of any additions or corrections required.


PROJECT:   North & West Portico Restoration                                FIELD REPORT NO:  1
                        Mercer County Courthouse
                        Mercer, Pennsylvania

CONTRACT:                                                                ARCHITECT'S PROJECT NO:

DATE     6/15/99    TIME     8:30 - 11:30    WEATHER   Cool, sunny, windy     TEMP. RANGE  50

EST. % OF COMPLETION                                             CONFORMANCE WITH SCHEDULE( +,-)

PRESENT AT SITE     Robert A. Mastriana - 4M Company
                                         Dave Sebek - Supervisor, Keystone Waterproofing
                                         Kevin Klosky - Crew Foreman, Keystone Waterproofing
                                         Silvio Diliscia - Mason Foreman, Keystone Waterproofing
                                         Lou DeJulia - Maintenance, Mercer County Courthouse


  • Demolition by Keystone on west portico proceeding nicely.
  • Interior right column - extensive deterioration.
  • Foundation stone facing north needs aligned which Silvio Diliscia said he'd try to do it.
  • Dentil moldings were looked at by Silvio and Bob Mastriana to determine extent of repair.
  • Jahn's may need 2 different colors to match stone colors.
  • Visqueen protection was installed on west scaffolding to stop demolition powder from covering adjacent
    cars and property
      due to the windy conditions. 
  • Lou DeJulia is going to have portico ceiling light removed. We win coordinate and specify an historic 
  • Sloped stone column caps for pigeon control were verified and west door transom, north door transom and  window sills were not figured in quote.


  • Need other Miracote color samples to review for better color match with sidewalks.
  • Additional stone repairs are to be made for approval for color and texture.


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