PROJECT:   North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  12
                        Mercer County Courthouse
                        Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE   July 29, 1999   TIME   9:30 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING   Ed Sferra - Federal Iron Works
                                                Lou DeJulia - Mercer County Maintenance
                                                John Thify - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                Kevin KIosky - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Lou and Bob met with Ed Sferra of Federal Iron Works to review the unstability of the 3rd floor railings. It was determined that since they are unstable only at the midpoint of the rotunda span, two sets of double brackets should be added to each railing at quarter points to stiffen the horizontal movement of the railing. Ed field measured the brackets and will give Lou a proposal to fabricate and install the sixteen brackets.
  • Federal Iron Works also field measured the exterior railings necessary for the North and West portico and reviewed with Lou and Bob the historic drawings in order to replicate accurately the railings. Ed will begin the shop drawings and forward them to Bob and Lou for approval.
  • John Thiry of Keystone brought the other Jahn stone mortar samples for the more gray colored stone, dominant in the portico foundation bases. Three samples were reviewed and the one chosen, which matched perfectly, was Jahn 246-SS-3. Keystone was given the approval to order this material. This completes the two colors needed to blend with the variations in the stone masonry of the courthouse.
  • The North portico stone repairs will be completed in two weeks and the West portico in one week.
  • The interior pointing of the North portico has begun and looks excellent
  • The cleaning of the North portico interior is finished and they are approximately one quarter done with the cleaning of the columns.
  • Keystone did five applications of cleaning on the five stones of the North portico pediment that was badly stained. It was agreed that they finally look acceptable so they were given approval to begin the repointing.
  • Keystone is doing all their work on the interior of the porticos so Easley and Rivers, the plastering contractor, can get started with their demolition. Keystone will then finish the exteriors while Easley and Rivers finish the interiors in order to expedite the job and the time for the rental of the scaffolding.


  • The next meeting is August 3, 1999 at 10:00 a.m.


PROJECT:    North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  13
                         Mercer County Courthouse
                         Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE     August 3, 1999   TIME   10:45 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING    Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                                 Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Lou is on vacation so he couldn't be present. Lou's assistant was available for discussion.
  • Doug and Bob reviewed and signed monthly payment requests and submitted them to Rick Boggs to
    review with Lou next week.
  • The 4M Company also submitted an invoice for work completed to date.
  • Easley & Rivers completed the demolition of the West portico ceiling on Friday and Monday and also began demolition on the North portico ceiling which should be completed this week Easley & Rivers must provide protection for their work so as not to cause damage to the restored stonework
  • Keystone is continuing on the Jahn stone restoration sculpting new pieces to replicate the badly deteriorated stone. The West portico should be done by Monday.
  • Repointing is continuing on the North portico pediment and interior wall. Additional cleaning of the columns is continuing after hours.
  • Federal Iron submitted the shop drawings for the railing replacement approval. The design is good but the profiles of the top rail and diagonal bracing need reworked to match the historic profile better. They are to re-submit.
  • Roof Rite is coming next Monday to repair the West portico scuppers and downspouts.


  • The next meeting is August 5, 1999 at 1:30 a.m.

PROJECT:       North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  14
                            Mercer County Courthouse
                            Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE    August 5, 1999    TIME   1:15 p.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING     Chip Smith - Easley & Rivers
                                                  Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                                  Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Doug Wallace and Bob Mastriana met with Chip Smith of Easley & Rivers, the Plastering Contractor, to discuss the condition of the plaster ceiling moldings.

  • Many of the plaster moldings are deteriorated beyond repair. Interior plaster was used on the exterior, which is molding plaster and lime, and the 90 years of exposure has taken its toll.

  • For the flat ceiling surfaces, cement plaster was used to bond to the cement ceiling surfaces which is the preferred plaster material for exterior use. However, for the decorative plaster moldings to match, the same type of molding plaster must be used. The Contractor will try to clean the existing plaster to match the new sections without use of any low pressure water cleaning techniques so as to not further damage the delicate plaster moldings.

  • Easley & Rivers will search the manufacturers catalogues for plaster moldings to try and match the historic profiles. If they can't be matched, we will try to replace the missing moldings with ones removed from other ceiling areas and then replace those with something as similar as possible.


  • The next meeting is Tuesday, August 10, 1999 at 10:00 a.m.



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