PROJECT:     North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  2
Mercer County Courthouse
                          Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE     June 18, 1999    TIME  10:00 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING     Tom Auel - Arcon Specialties
                                                  Dave Sebek - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                  Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                                  Dennis Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                                  Lou DeJulia - Mercer CoW1ty
                                                  Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Contractors met to review and analyze sample cleaning of stone. The iron oxide stain is still slightly showing. Tom Auel, our stone specialist suggested using a one-to-one solution of 101 G Diedrich cleaning solution to remove the stubborn stains. After applying, it should sit for 10 minutes then lightly rinse to clean away the embedded dirt in the bedding planes. Thus should also remove the majority of the iron oxide stain still preset.
  • Safeway Steel Scaffolding, (412- 771 -3779) of Pittsburgh started Thursday installing the north portico scaffolding and it should be completed by Monday June 21st. The duration of the time required for the scaffolding is estimated to be two months. Because of the simultaneous work on both scaffolds it is anticipated that both porticos could be completed within four months, barring any unforeseen conditions or long periods of inclement weather. This could save approximately two months length of construction.
  • It was decided to use a natural gray and white Miracote color mixed equal parts to match a natural limestone color for the portico steps. A test coal sample will be done Monday so we can view it at our Tuesday June 22nd meeting. It must cure however for four days for the true color to surface. Also, the steps must be feathered and cracks patched with Miracote prior to finishing with the two coats.
  • There are two foundation stones-one at each portico that are so badly aligned that they may need to be reset. Keystone said they would try to do it at no additional cost to the County.
  • Wallace Builders will also paint the existing center rails at both porticos to match the new powder coated railings at no additional cost to County.
  • Lou has remove the West portico light and RAM has contacted Boe Korody, our lighting specialist to find an historic fixture for post lamps of the period and style needed. The lighting fixture needs to be a pendant type fixture hung and fed from the existing ceiling outlet approximately 4' in diameter.
  • All the extensive stone demolition on the West portico has been completed and cleaning and color patch samples need to be approved Tuesday in order for Keystone to proceed with the repair and cleaning.
  • Important-Please Note: Keystone's crew is from out-of-town with a minimum of two hours driving time so they are working four ten hour days instead of five eight hour days in order to be home the end of each week with their families.
  • After the job meeting RAM requested Lou to ask Rick Boggs if it would be possible to meet with the Commissioners in order to update them on the progress of the work and that they might meet some of the key personnel. Tom Auel, stone specialist, Dave Sebek - Keystone Waterproofing Supervisor and RAM met with, Commissioners Gene Brenneman and Olivia Lazor along with Lou DeJulia and Rick Boggs and updated them on the status of the work. They wanted to know everyone was union which we informed them they were and various other items. They requested RAM to be present at the next Commissioners meeting on Thursday June 24th at 10: 30 a.m. to present a progress report to the press.


  • The next job meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, June 22nd at the courthouse.


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