PROJECT:    North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  37
                         Mercer County Courthouse
                         Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE November 2, 1999    TIME   10:00 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING  Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                               Denny Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                               Lou DeJulia - Mercer County Maintenance
                                               Bob Mastriana - 4M Company



  • Tom Auel got a budget price for the chemical rising damp control. Depending on the amount of lineal feet the contractor said to budget between $75- $100 per lineal foot. It can't be done until next spring, however, since it's water based and could freeze and cause additional problems to the Columns and foundation.
  • Wallace Builders did the final grading and added new top soil on both portico lawn areas in preparation for the finish landscaping and memorial gardens by the courthouse bicentennial commission and restoration committee.


  • The painting has been complete on all the wood windows and trim.
  • The concrete slab is still curing. November 11, 1999 completed the 28 day curing period and the waterproof membrane is scheduled to go in immediately. Three days later on Monday, November 15th, the tile is scheduled to begin. The entire portico should be completed by the end of that week since everything else but the railings and a few punch list items are yet to be done.
  • The railings are now being powder coated in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania after being fabricated by Federal Iron in Columbiana, Ohio. They anticipate installation the week of November 8th for both porticos. Because of the weight of the railings, Federal Iron will coordinate help and equipment from Wallace Builders.
  • Denny suggested putting rubber snakes on the window sills to eliminate pigeon roosting in lieu of the sloped aluminum sills. Lou will try a couple and see how effective they are.
  • Two patches were discovered at the base of the pilaster columns that were apparently overlooked by Keystone that need cut out and replaced with Jahn stone restorer. They were never noticed before but showed up since the stone was saturated due to the rain.
  • The color of the Miracote patching material looks dark under the finish coats of the Miracote steps. Tills needs looked into with Keystone and Tom Auel to see what can be done.
  • There is a 8" section of Miracote coating that did not adhere to the top step between the center railing and the right column as you leave the building that needs corrected.


  • The tile and grouting was completed except for where the railings are to be installed.
  • Caulking around the door sill still needs done and the stone sill needs cleaned.
  • The roof leak appears to be under the aluminum roof coping which is why water is entering the interior ceiling area. Lou has the roofers scheduled to repair this section as soon as they finish the county jail roof.
  • The stone foundations are bleeding iron oxide stain again. There is some question as to whether they were sealed adequately or not. If the exterior is sealed, then the staining is due to damp rising on the interior of the column. This will be verified as soon as weather permits.


  • The next meeting is Tuesday, November 9, 1999 at 10:00 a.m.

PROJECT:   North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.38
                        Mercer County Courthouse
                        Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE   November 9, 1999  TIME   10:00 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING  Jerry Johnson - Chairman of Courthouse Restoration Committee
                                               Doug Wallace - Wallace Builders
                                               Denny Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                               Lou DeJulia - Mercer County Maintenance
                                               Paul Mastriana - 4M Company
                                               Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • The railings were installed by Federal Iron on both the North and West porticos. They will be completed today, except for the decorative scroll work which is to be glued on each face of the balusters. The railings replicate exactly the historic appearance and add the finishing touch to the porticos.
  • The iron oxide has slowly started bleeding through the face of the stonework in numerous areas again. Whether it is internal or external is questionable. Until a sample of the chemical rising damp control is done, we can only speculate.
  • Joe DiMaio, Miracote Engineer from New Jersey, will be at the jobsite meeting with Tom Auel on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. to look at the columns and steps. Keystone Waterproofing, Wallace Builders, Lou DeJulia and Bob Mastriana will meet With them to by and resolve the remaining problems -column coloration, color bleed through cracks at steps, and non- adherence at top step of North portico.
  • The tile is on schedule to be installed Monday as earlier reported since the waterproof membrane is to be completed on Thursday.
  • Lou DeJulia, Paul Mastriana and Bob Mastriana inspected the electrical conditions of various offices throughout the courthouse.
  • Federal Iron met with Lou DeJulia and Bob Mastriana and decided the best approach to by to reinforce the third floor rotunda railings was to dismantle, tighten and reinstall each railing section. Ed Sferra later faxed Lou a proposal for the East railing to submit to the commissioners so this emergency repair work can proceed.


  •  The next meeting is Thursday, November 11, 1999 at 9:30 a.m.


PROJECT:  North & West Portico Restoration                               REPORT NO.  39
                     Mercer County Courthouse
                       Mercer, Pennsylvania

DATE   November 11, 1999   TIME   9:30 a.m.

PRESENT AT MEETING   John Thiry - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                John Ferrous - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                Dave Sebek - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                Shawn Litrun - Keystone Waterproofing
                                                Joe DiMaio - Miracote
                                                Tom Auel - Arcon
                                                Denny Salmon - Wallace Builders
                                                Lou DeJulia - Mercer County Maintenance
                                                Bob Mastriana - 4M Company


  • Youngstown Tile & Terrazzo completed the Sonneborn Flextight waterproof membrane on the North portico. After the three day curing period, tile installation will commence on Monday. All work should be completed by Friday.
  • The proposal by Federal Iron to repair the East rotunda railing at a cost not to exceed $2,000.00 was approved by the commissioners, work should proceed next week.
  • Keystone Waterproofing, Wallace Builders, Tom Auel, the stone specialist and manufacturer representative, Joe DiMaio; Engineer from Miracote, Lou DeJulia, and Bob Mastriana met to discuss the problems previously reported.
  • The color bleed through on the steps is only due to length of curing time. Everyone agreed that based on past experience it will lighten as it cures and will virtually disappear.
  • The lack of adhesion of the Miracote at the top step of the North portico occurs only where heavy patching n13terial was installed and there was insufficient curing time of the patch material prior to the Miracote. Wallace Builders will repair these areas for Keystone by grinding off the loose material, cleaning and recoating with Miracote next week when the tile is being installed.
  • The coloration of the West portico columns is a problem that should correct itself and lighten up with additional curing time and bleaching by the sun. If by next spring, such as early April, the color is still not right, then Miracote will provide the "color coat" material to reapply two coats on the eight portico columns. The total costs will be negotiated with Miracote on behalf of the county once the estimate for this repair work from Keystone is received.
  • The final problem dealing with the stone is the continually bleeding of the iron oxide. Water absorption tests were done on various areas of the stone work and it was discovered an inconsistency exists with the Diedrich 303S Silox Sealer. Some areas showed no absorption with the water beading off as it is supposed to do but other areas were unsealed allowing the water to be absorbed into the stone which ex-plains why there is continual bleeding and discoloration of the stone. Since everyone felt that Keystone applied the sealant correctly as per the manufacturers recommendations, tests will be performed on the sealer itself to determine if the resin supplier to Diedrich did not provide enough percentage of solids in the chemical composition for the sealer to perform consistently. If that should be the case and the material proves to be defective, then Diedrich will be asked to provide all reasonable costs associated to spot clean various areas and to reseal the entire North and West portico stonework once the proposal from Keystone is received.
  • On Monday, Tom Auel will perform a RILEM tube test on the stonework which is a more scientific moisture absorption test as further evidence of the sealants effective water repellency.
    See Below


  • The next meeting is Tuesday, November 16, 1999 at 9:30 a.m.




       3035-5   5%    Siloxane Solids
       3035-7   7%    Siloxane Solids
       3035-10 10%  Siloxane Solids
       3035-12 12%  Siloxane Solids
       3035-15 15%  Siloxane Solids

      Diedrich Technologies Inc.
      7373 S. 6th Street.
      Oak Creek, WI 53154
      (414) 764-0058
      (800) 323-3565
      (414) 764-6993  (FAX)

      Diedrich 3035 Silox Seal Series Products are alkyl-group alkoxy siloxane formulations that react chemically with silica in the substrate resulting in a hydrophobic reaction. Diedrich 3035 Series Products are formulated for low pressure spray application to masonry, concrete stucco, sandstone, limestone, etc. They protect against the intrusion of moisture causing efflorescence, leaching, mildew, atmospheric staining and freeze/thaw spalling.  Diedrich 3035 Series Products have excellent resistance to acids and alkalis and are resistant to the detrimental effects of acid rain and carbon buildups.

Diedrich 3035 Series Products reduce the migration of chloride ions through cement.  The corrosion and deterioration of rebars in reinforced concrete caused by moisture, waterborne salts and alkalis, are reduced.  This makes 3035 Series Products ideal for application to concrete flatwork, parking ramps. stadiums and vertical concrete surfaces.

     The natural appearance of surfaces the 3035 Series Products have been applied to will not be altered.  When properly applied, there will not be any darkening, texture change or surface buildup.

     In order to render effective water repellency. 3035 Series Products formulations exhibit the following properties.
        *  Low molecular weight -results in high penetration of the treated surfaces.
        *  Contains long alkalyl groups - well suited for use on highly alkaline materials like concrete 
            masonry. mortar. limestone etc.
        *  Vapor permeability is not affected nor ability to dry.  Surface life of application extended, 
            caused by moisture trapped in masonry prevented.
        *  Total penetration of the masonry surface, natural appearance of the masonry will not be altered.
        *  Rapid formation of surface repellency, resistance to driving rain occurs quickly.

      Diedrich 3035 Series Products chemically bond with natural materials in masonry when they react with the surface. The siloxane compound that results, because of its similarity to the substrate, will not alter the natural permeability of the surface. Damage caused by trapped moisture is eliminated as the internal moisture is allowed to dissipate. Diedrich 3038 Series Products are highly effective when applied to highly alkaline surfaces such as mortars and cement rich materials because they are not affected by alkalinity.

      TYPE: Oilgomeric siloxane with long alkyl groups
      FLASHPOINT: 112F  (44C)
      SOLVENT: Mineral Spirit
      TOTAL SOLIDS: 5%, 7%, 10%, 12%, 15%
      WT./GAL.: 6.6 lbs.
      APPEARANCE: Slightly opalescent liquid.

     Since Diedrich 3035 Series Products may not be suited for application to all surfaces, ie., gypsum plaster or synthetic resin paints. test patches must always be conducted.

     Diedrich 3035 Series Products must never be applied when air and surface temperatures are below 40F or higher then 100F. Products are to be stored in sealed containers and kept away from extreme heat.

    PRECAUTIONS: Diedrich 3038 Series Products formulations incorporate blended solvent and must be handled as such. Good ventilation must be provided to prevent accumulation of fumes and never used near extreme heat, open flame of fire.  If application is to be to interior surfaces, workers must wear the appropriate cartridge type respirators and be provided good cross ventilation. If application is to the exterior of an occupied building close and cover all exterior air conditioning vents during application. Clothing contaminated with 3035 products must be removed as soon as possible.

     PREPARATORY WORK: A test application must be conducted to determine compatibility, application rate and required water-proofing.  Application must be done using the same equipment as would be used during full scale application. Individual surface types must be tested. Inspection of the test areas should occur after the surface has thoroughly dried. The test patch should be available for inspection and approved by the architect then remain as the standard for the project.

     ADJACENT AREAS: Adjacent vegetation should be protected. by covering, to protect in the event of overspray and/or excessive runoff.

     Adjoining glass, metal, painted surface, asphalt floor tiles, or shingles should be covered and protected.  Accidental splashes and/or overspray should be removed using mineral spirits before the solution dries on the surface.

    Masonry surfaces should be clean, sound and free of carbon, dust, dirt, oil and grease. Remove loose and or deteriorated mortar and repoint, cracks and voids larger then 1/16" should be patched and allowed to dry 72 hours before application. After caulking, allow 6-12 hours for curing (or until material is set). If efflorescence or alkali deposits are present, they must be removed and neutralized with the appropriate Diedrich Masonry Cleaner before applying.

     METHODS: Diedrich 303s Series Products should be applied as packaged, do not alter or dilute the product. Surface and air temperature must be above 40F when being applied. To insure uniformity and even solids distribution the product must be thoroughly mixed before applications.

    Diedrich 3035 Series Products application requires methods different than standard materials. Ideally, low volume ( 50 psi maximum) airless spray equipment should be used for application. A flood coat of 6' to 8" rundown, working bottom to top, should be employed. The material requires two, wet on wet, Series Products can be painted over using silicone or most acrylic emulsion paints. TESTS MUST BE CONDUCTED TO ASSURE PROPER ADHESION IS ACHIEVED.

Mineral and cementitious coatings and cement plasters should be treated with 303s Series Product. alter application and curing of the surface coating.

    A written waterproofing warranty of up to 10 years is available on an individual project basis.  For information contact Diedrich Technologies Inc., 7373 S. 6th St., Oak Creek, WI 53154. DIEDRICH TECHNOLOGIES INC., warrants that the product will conform to the description and specifications set forth on the product label and will be free from defects in material and workmanship. The exclusive remedy of the Buyer in the event that the product does not so conform shall be the replacement of the product. This warranty is expressly made in lieu of any and all other warranties expressed or implied including the warranties of merchantability and fitness, and Diedrich Technologies Inc., shall not be liable for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly arising from the use of such merchandise or for consequential or incidental damages.
    While Diedrich Technologies Inc. believes that the data contained herein is accurate and the information is based on test and data believed to be reliable, it is the user's responsibility to determine the safety, toxicity and suitability for his own use of the product described herein. Manufacturer shall not be responsible for any contamination, or related testing or removal costs resulting from use of this lead-free product on any material containing lead or toxic or environmentally hazardous substances. Since the actual use, by other, is beyond our control, no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by Diedrich Technologies Inc. , as to the effects of such use, the results to be obtained, or the safety, toxicity of the product referred to herein. Nor is the information herein to be construed as absolutely complete since additional information may be necessary or desirable when particular conditions or circumstances exist, or because of applicable laws or governmental regulations.

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